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How to Get More Flow in Your Kizomba

People often tell me that my dancing feels like “flying” or that it looks very soft and fluid. And it might be true.

No matter if I have danced salsa, bachata or kizomba I have always tried to dance in a soft and fluid way, especially if the music tells me to. So, here I will tell you some of my top tips to get more flow in your dance.

Ok, so let’s get to it! How do you get more flow in your kizomba dance and move more softly?

1. First of all - Your step - front of the foot first
The way you step makes a huge difference. If you want to have flow and softness in your dance you need to step with the front of your foot first. Have you ever seen a trained, professional dancer stepping with the heel first? Someone who has danced ballet, jazz or contemporary? No, they are trained to step with the front of the foot first. Why? Because the front of the foot makes for a softer step. It gives you much more control - if you transfer the weight or not, how much you transfer, if...

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Who Becomes a Popular Dancer?

dance dancer Oct 24, 2020

It might seem frightening at first, the social dance scene. There is so much to learn. So many things we need to know. There are so many great dancers. How can we ever get that good?

And if we are not that good, there seems to be a high potential for rejection. At least we might think so in the beginning. What if no one will invite me? What if I get a “no” when I invite?

There are some things that are important to remember though:

Firstly, it is a lot to learn, yes. But it is not that hard to become popular. Because it is not always the best dancer who is the most popular on the dance floor. There is hope, even for a beginner or mediocre dancers. The best dancers can be very popular, but it is not all that matters. 

Rule number one to become more popular on the dance floor is to make your partner happy (I guess this applies to life just as much as dance). What your partner remembers are not specific steps or moves, it is how you make them feel. If you...

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