Who Becomes a Popular Dancer?

dance dancer Oct 24, 2020

It might seem frightening at first, the social dance scene. There is so much to learn. So many things we need to know. There are so many great dancers. How can we ever get that good?

And if we are not that good, there seems to be a high potential for rejection. At least we might think so in the beginning. What if no one will invite me? What if I get a “no” when I invite?

There are some things that are important to remember though:

Firstly, it is a lot to learn, yes. But it is not that hard to become popular. Because it is not always the best dancer who is the most popular on the dance floor. There is hope, even for a beginner or mediocre dancers. The best dancers can be very popular, but it is not all that matters. 

Rule number one to become more popular on the dance floor is to make your partner happy (I guess this applies to life just as much as dance). What your partner remembers are not specific steps or moves, it is how you make them feel. If you make your partner happy, they will come back for more. They might even tell other people about you.

And in addition, other people will see the happiness in your partner’s face on the dance floor, and understand that you are part of creating that smile.

So, it is not necessarily the most skilled dancers that become most popular. There are many other ways to make your partner happy, and I am sure you can think of some on your own. Take a moment, just a minute or two and think for yourself.

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Have a nice day! =) 

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