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 Here you find kizomba and kizomba fusion courses on all levels, a Teacher's Training, blog posts about dance, books and much more. Enjoy! 

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Courses - Beginner to Advanced

This is where you find kizomba and fusion courses for all levels. No matter if you are a beginner dancer, improver, intermediate, or advanced. 

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NEW! Teacher's Training

If you are serious about teaching and want to do your best for your students, this is for you. You will also learn not only how to become a great teacher, but also all the secrets for great marketing and business, so you can charge what you are worth! Course start in December.

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Get six preview classes from all four levels of courses, as well as a lot of videos with tips & tricks. You will even get a 15 % discount code you can use on any course or bundle!

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Secrets of Musicality

This is my book about musicality. You will learn nine different skills that improve your musicality when you dance. An Amazon bestseller!

Secrets of Social Dance

Just released! This is my book about social dance. Literally, all you need to know to become popular on the social dance floor. 

Manifesto to Myself

This is my first book, "Manifesto to Myself", about habits and how to change your life for the better. How anyone can realise their dreams!

Blog Posts / Articles

Here are some texts from the blog. You can also find the blog in the top menu. Enjoy!

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