Learn how to dance kizomba online?

Do you want to improve your kizomba leading and following with great technique? Do you want to learn kizomba moves you can actually use on the dance floor? Do you want to learn more about musicality and how you can play with the music in kizomba?

We have all that! Promise! Your kizomba teachers are the internationally known Kristofer Mencák & Mickaela Jalkteg. We have four levels of classes for now: The beginner kizomba course, the improver kizomba course, the intermediate kizomba fusion course and the advanced kizomba fusion course. A lot of the technique in the more advanced courses are just as good for you if you dance urban kiz.

So, whatever your dance level is, you will find an online kizomba course that is right for you here! As soon as you begin, you will start getting better and more confident on the dance floor. Your will level up and become an even better dancer! 

Maybe it is a bit different to take a kizomba class online, compared to taking a normal kizomba class, or a class of urban kiz. You can't ask the teacher directly and you can't get the same kind of feedback. But we really want you to learn! We have done all we can to make the classes as self-explanatory as possible, trying to predict what questions might arise and answer the questions already in our explanations.

If you have questions anyway, we are always happy to answer them. Just let us know. It can also be good to learn online. You can always rewind in a video and see the move again. And you can always go back and review the kizomba course or kizomba fusion course at a later stage. 

With all that said, we are sure you will like it. Satisfaction guaranteed! 

This is what you get in each course...

  • All material is explained by professional teachers with years of experience from all over the world!

  • A lot of information in progressive & practical classes that go straight to the point without unnecessary fluff. Repeat at your own convenience!

  • Theory classes explaining different important aspects of the dance, leading & following!

  • Classes in musicality, adapted to the course level.

  • Lifetime access! (except for subscriptions)

  • 100 % money back guarantee - no questions asked. (But feel free to give feedback!)

What my students say... ... all over the world!

Raquel - South Africa

Of one of my many memorable life experiences, having a full Kizomba workshop and social weekend with Kristofer Mencák, has to be on top of my list. Cape Town students were fortunate enough to experience mastering Kizomba with such an amazing dancer and teacher. If you have a chance to dance or attend any of these workshops, DONT MISS OUT, you will regret it.

Salkika - Spain

Maravilloso profesor y una persona realmente encantadora, muy cercana y agradable. He coincidido con él en el congreso de Calpe Fussión Kizz 2019 y he quedado encantada. La forma en la que transmite su sabiduría y su maravilloso baile, sus ejemplos y su naturalidad hacían que las horas volaran mientras escuchábamos embelesados todo cuanto explicaba. Da gusto escuchar a una persona que sabe tanto y que le nace del corazón. Nos sorprendió muy positivamente que se mezclara entre la gente como uno más, bailando con todas las personas y siempre con una gran sonrisa

Lee - Australia

I totally loved the Brisbane workshop. A great start to my year of mastering the art of Kizomba. You are a beautiful teacher!

Corinne - France

Au top! Superbes workshops et une tres bonne pédagogie. Sans oublier le plaisir de danser avec lui en soiree!

Tina - South Africa

Lovely experience, top class dancer and teacher! Thank you Kristofer for this unique experience!

Super prof!

Panthére - France

Super Prof, danseur exceptionnel et très sympa merci a toi pour tes cours sur le festival. Je ne te connais pas et j'apprécié beaucoup ton travail et ta patience.

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