Why You Should Dance with Beginners

Yeah, there it is. I said it - dance with beginners! Why? Because you will become better. Of course, if we dance reasonably often, we will become better over time no matter what, and no matter if we dance kizomba, salsa, bachata or something else. Soon I will come back to why we should dance with beginners, but first something about why people don't want to dance with beginners. 

This is an excerpt from one of my books - "The Secrets of Social Dance - How to Become a Popular Dancer" which you can find on Amazon.

We all have a start. We are all beginners at some time, and beginners are often not as popular on the dance floor, for some different reasons.

  • They don't yet have the dance skills
  • They are not good at adapting to their partner
  • They don't have floor craft
  • They don't know how to create connection
  • They don't have much of "dance smarts."
  • They are often not very creative
  • They don't have the musicality

These are all things that can take time to develop.

But there is something special about dancing with beginners.
People generally recognise that if they dance with more advanced dancers, they will improve. I know that when I dance with someone advanced, it allows me to do all that I can do. I can do whatever I want, even the most advanced moves. I can test out new moves. I can be creative. So, I can develop in this way.

But I also know that when I dance with an advanced dancer, I don't need to lead very well. They will get it anyway. A small signal and they will do what I want them to. I don't need to be very clear or precise.

A chance to improve
A lot of people think dancing with beginners is boring and a waste of time. Quite the opposite. This is when you have a chance to fine-tune your skills. As a follow, you learn how to pay attention to all signals, no matter where they come from and no matter how subtle. It can be quite challenging. And as a lead, you get the chance to fine-tune everything you do. Because you need to be very clear. You need to be very precise. So, if you want to improve your dancing, dance with more advanced dancers, but also make sure you dance with beginners. I enjoy dancing with beginners. It is a great way to put my leading to the test, to try to perfect it. If I can make a beginner follow, I know my leading works.

Payback Time
And there is another reason to dance with beginners. We were all there. There were people before you who took you in and danced with you when you were a beginner. It is time to pay back by helping a new generation of dancers get into the scene. And over time, this will help your local dance scene a lot

An honour
It is also an honour to be part of someone's introduction to this beautiful world of dancing. It can be an honour to be among the first dances. If you create a great experience in their early social dance life, you could be making memories for life for them. You could be the dance they will remember forever.

Enjoy and take it easy
As a beginner, you are new to this world. Do what you can. Enjoy your first steps. And dance with confidence. If you can't fake it till you make it, just accept the pressure. It will maybe be there for a while, but it will eventually go away. 

And on the other side of the fence, if you are dancing with a beginner, have patience. Remember we have all been there. Start slow, with the basics, and slowly increase the level. Try to avoid confusing them with a lot of styling or complicated steps.

And remember - always try to enjoy the dance! And show it! 

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