Who Invites to Dance?

We are in the 2020s. The world is more and more equal and open-minded.

Even if traditionally there was the rule that men dance with women and that men invite to dance, now we increasingly see women dancing with women, and also men dancing with men. And it is very common that women ask men to dance, no matter what role they take on the dance floor.

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I know that some women still struggle to invite men. They feel that they shouldn't have to, or that it is the responsibility of the men.

However, I believe that we have reached a point where it is hardly possible to maintain that position any longer if you want to dance.

  • First of all, we have the fact that there are often proportionally more women in the social scene. So, with women outnumbering men, women are already at a disadvantage if they want to dance. There is more competition for the men, and if you maintain the idea that men invite, you have to accept the fact that the competition is tough. You will not always dance as much as you want.
  • Secondly, some women do invite men to dance now. And, if some women do it, it means that the ones not asking will be at a disadvantage when it comes to dancing. They will simply not get as many dances.

What women do with this is a personal choice. But it is a reality. There is no escaping it. If you want to dance, you might have to take action and invite.

Or at least you have to do this: Take some kind of middle ground. Some women have a way of "inviting" in which they simply walk up to a man and stand there or in silence, or sometimes say something unrelated. I call this the "you may invite me"-move. This might be interpreted as that move, but it can sometimes also be interpreted as starting a conversation. It can be risky. 

I think it is better just to invite. It is clearer, and you run less risk of someone else coming along to ask the man while you are chatting.

That's it! I wish you a great day! =)

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