Don't Dance with Your Partner!

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In this post you will read about why you shouldn't dance with your dance partner. No, I am kidding. It is ok to dance with your partner. But...

This is an excerpt from one of my books - "The Secrets of Social Dance - How to Become a Popular Dancer" which you can find on Amazon.

... if you only dance with your partner, you will not advance as fast. It is not too uncommon that a couple shows up in class and don't want to change partners like everyone else does. I usually accept it, but I also often let them know that they will not advance as fast as dancers.

Sometimes you also see couples glued together in dance socials. I don't quite understand it. If they only want to dance together, why not do it at home? There is so much fun going on in a social, so why not take part? It is like they are there, but they are not quite there.

Yes, you can become excellent within your couple. You might dance great together. If that is the only goal, then go ahead. But there is a risk that you become lazy and simply dance on routine. It is almost not leading and following anymore. You know each other too well.

If you want to dance socially, if you're going to take part in the social dance experience, if you want to dance well with anyone, then you have to dance with more people.

Dancing with many different leads and follows will widen your horizons and give you a better understanding of leading and following. Everyone leads a bit differently. And everyone follows a bit differently. And there is no way to get that experience dancing only with your partner.

Another little tip to use in class when you have to learn a specific combination, try to mix it up from time to time. When both lead and follow knows what to do, it is never truly leading and following. It will always be a little bit of choreography. When you mix it up and surprise your partner with another move, or a variation, both of you will practice lead and follow. Both of you will improve more on your skills.

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