Common Questions About Kizomba

kizomba Oct 13, 2022


Let's clear up some misunderstandings. Here are some short answers to common questions about Kizomba

Is Kizomba an African dance?

Yes, Kizomba is definitely an African dance. It has origins in Angola and other former Portuguese colonies in Africa, such as Cape Verde, Mozambique, Guiné-Bissau, São Tomé e Príncipe. On the link you can read more about where Kizomba is from. And learn even more about the history of Kizomba.  

Is Kizomba a Latin dance?
No, Kizomba is definitely not a latin dance, even if it in many countries co-exists and is danced at the same events as Salsa and Bachata, which are latin dances. So, for instance, many dance festivals offer Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba and have different rooms for workshops during the days and different floors for the respective dance styles at the dance parties at night. But this doesn't mean Kizomba is a Latin dance. 

Is Kizomba Portuguese?
No, Kizomba is not Portuguese. However, Portugal was the first country in Europe where people danced it, due to the influx of people from the former Portuguese colonies in Africa (PALOP countries) to Portugal. Portugal was also the country from where Kizomba spread throughout Europe from 2007-2008 and onwards. And many Kizomba songs are sung in Portuguese. 

Is Kizomba Brazilian?
No, Kizomba is not Brazilian, but since Kizomba has spread all over the world, people dance Kizomba also in Brazil. 

Is Kizomba a sensual dance?
Yes, to a certain extent. It can be sensual. It is definitely more a sensual dance than a sexual dance. It needs to be mentioned, as many people seem to misinterpret it as being sexual. It is not.

Kizomba is a familiar dance. It is possible to dance Kizomba with relatives such as your mother or father, an uncle or aunt or grandparents. So it doesn’t have to be sensual at all, but it can be sensual if you dance with your partner or someone you like. It all depends on who you dance with. 

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