Musicality for Dancers

I recently heard about a teacher who said "Either you have musicality, or you don't". I think that is totally wrong. Yes, some people have lived more exposed to music and have a "talent" for it. Others have to struggle more. But anyone can learn. And this course shows you how! 

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Learn About Music & Musicality

We start out with some more theory about music and musicality, to make it easier to later on pick up on the different musicality skills. 

Learn Nine Musicality Skills

We go through the nine different musicality skills, with suggestions on how to use them and exercises for each of the skills. 

Learn Putting it All Together

You will also learn how to put it all together. The musicality is yours, so you have to do the work. But you get ideas on how to do it!

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Musicality for Dancers

Includes One Musicality Course.

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Secrets of Musicality for Dancers - Book Cover

Secrets of Musicality

This course is built on my book about musicality. You will learn nine different skills that improve your musicality when you dance. An Amazon bestseller!