Kizomba Fusion Intermediate - Level 3

One time in a festival in Portugal I took a class called "Tango for Kizomba" with some tango teachers. They showed me one barrida (slide) and one ocho (pivot). I thought it was nice, but I didn't start using it until maybe six months later. All of a sudden I started playing around with these techniques, developing my own steps and without realising it I soon had my own style - kizomba fusion. This course shows you all techniques we use in kizomba fusion.

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Learn Stuff That Works

Learn all the techniques you need to be able to dance Kizomba Fusion - syncopations, pivots, slides, blocks and unsynchronised steps.

Learn Musicality

Learn to play with syncopations, so you can play with three different tempos at this level. Also, learn about time, repetition and variation.

Learn Quickly & Easily

Clear explanations developed through years of experience from teaching in more than 60 countries in 150 cities worldwide.

"Quality Material"

"I am very satisfied after taking the Intermediate and Advanced courses and can happily recommend it to everyone. Everything nice and practice-oriented explained, as he has a lot of experience on the dance floor. I also appreciate the structured and progressive way, so that it builds like a fundament for being able to master any figure one learns in the future and even to create your own figures! Very nice! "

Richard Gudino

"Thank you!"

"I couldn't believe it when I saw you started this online class. I always wanted to learn your technique."

Andre Vilas Boas

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Kizomba Fusion Intermediate

Kizomba Fusion Intermediate Course.

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