Kizomba Improver - Level 2

I remember the first festival where I started to feel like I didn't need to think so much when I danced. I finally had the basics down and it felt  amazing! It gave me so much freedom to start and really dance. I could finally move forward. This course is that step forward.

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Learn Stuff That Works

Learn new combinations and how to combine them, dance in open positions and with styling. 

Learn Musicality

Learn the most important aspect of musicality - finding the dominant feeling of the song.

Learn Quickly & Easily

It is fast and easy to learn with top international teachers - years of experience from teaching worldwide.

"Great Clarity on How to Improve Your Dance"

"I've been dancing for almost two years now, taking classes and going to festivals, and with the help of these classes, I have improved so much more my dance skills. Totally recommended!"

Sophia Rascon

"Amazing Course"

"Excellent Introduction into Kizomba Basics"

Ron Toma

"I didn't skip this Improver course either, and that is good for me"

"Very useful also this Improver course.
And I like that I can come back again and again for a specific topic :)"

Ilmars Rauda

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Kizomba Improver

Kizomba Improver Course.

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