Kizomba Beginner - Level 1

When I started dancing there were no classes in my city. I had to go to festivals to learn, and thinking back it was a mess. One workshop had nothing to do with the next one. There was never any connection between the classes. Confusion. This course is the opposite, well thought through syllabus with practical and progressive classes. If you really want to learn well, this is it!

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Learn Stuff That Works

Learn all the basics in kizomba, all rules for leading and following, and all the fundamental moves. All clearly explained.

Learn Musicality

Learn how to start playing with the music already in this beginner course. Musicality is super important so make sure to use it!

Learn Quickly & Easily

Top international teachers with many years of experience from teaching in +60 countries make it easy to learn, and fast!

"Excellent Introduction to Kizomba"

"This course is the best beginner course that we took, very well structured. The explanations are clear and precise, easy to follow. We had already taken several Kizomba beginner courses that didn't touch on the most important rules and techniques for leading and following but were focused on styling and sequences. So, thank you!  :-)"

Rut Rüeck

"Amazing Course"

"Excellent Introduction into Kizomba Basics"

Ron Toma

"Very Useful Basics Course"

"I don't regret that I took also this Beginners course, because there is not only Basics of kizomba but also how to start developing some flow in my dance! Very good that I can: go straight to the specific topic, and also change speed for video (0.5x to 2x). Also very useful that steps are shown from different angles."

Ilmars Rauda

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Kizomba Beginner

Kizomba Beginner Course.

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