Text Based Course

Note: For now this course is text based to make it as universal as possible. Any dancer from any genre should be able to take it. And it is also text based so that it should be easy to copy and translate all text and exercises.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Music & Musicality

    • The Elements of Music

    • What is Musicality?

    • Everyone has Musicality

  • 3

    Dancing to the Beat

    • About Dancing to the Beat

    • How to Dance to the Beat

    • Exercises: Dancing to the Beat

  • 4

    Dancing to Different Tempos

    • About Dancing to Different Tempos

    • How to Dance to Different Tempos

    • Exercises: Dancing to Different Tempos

  • 5

    Finding the Dominant Feeling

    • About the Dominant Feeling

    • How to Find the Dominant Feeling?

    • Exercises: Finding the Dominant Feeling

  • 6

    Expressing Specific Sounds

    • About Expressing Specific Sounds

    • How to Express Specific Sounds

    • Exercises: Expressing Specific Sounds

  • 7

    Dancing to the Silence

    • About Dancing to the Silence

    • How to Dance to the Silence

    • Exercises: Dancing to the Silence

  • 8

    Prediction & Preparation

    • About Prediction & Preparation

    • How to Use Prediction & Preparation

    • Exercises: Prediction & Preparation

  • 9

    Dancing to the Vocals

    • About Dancing to the Vocals

    • How to Dance to the Vocals

    • Exercises: Dancing to the Vocals

  • 10

    Breathing in Dance

    • About Breathing with Musicality

    • How to Breathe with Musicality

    • Exercises: Breathing with Musicality

  • 11

    Putting it All Together

    • About Putting it All Together

    • How to Put it all Together

    • Exercises: Putting it all Together

  • 12

    Last Words

    • Remember

In this course...

  • Detailed descriptions in text of each of the 9 musicality skills, including all sub-topics.

  • Ideas on how you can use and interpret the music, for each of the skills.

  • Text based exercises for both perception and expression for each of the skills. In total more than 60 exercises.

  • Lifetime access!

  • 100 % money back guarantee - no questions asked. (But feel free to give feedback!)

Three Reasons to Sign Up

  • All Levels

    Musicality is for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and even for teachers. No matter your level, you will learn and benefit from the course.

  • Anytime & Anywhere

    Take the classes anytime and anywhere you want. Learn at your own pace, and repeat as you wish. Take the classes as many times as you want!

  • All Dance Styles

    This course is developed for any and all dance styles. Because how to interpret music into dance is universal. The skills in the course can be used in any dance.

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